Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Obama approval rating back up to 50%

Don't look now, but President Obama's popularity is going back up.

In fact, the Gallup people report that Obama's approval rating is back at 50%, its highest level in seven months.

"Obama's approval rating has been in the mid-40% range for much of the latter half of 2010," Gallup reported. "He last hit 50% approval in a three-day average near the end of May/beginning of June."
Gallup also noted that "it is not yet clear if Obama's approval rating will stay above 50% in the coming days" and that "the current 50% average over the last three days could reflect a temporary increase in optimism that Gallup sometimes sees at the beginning of a new year."

The report added:
The latest numbers also come at a time when the president was on vacation in Hawaii and out of the political spotlight, following a highly publicized pre-Christmas session with Congress that resulted in the passage of several major pieces of legislation.
The president's popularity is also party driven:
Obama's current approval rating is 80% among Democrats, 47% among independents, and 16% among Republicans in the three most recent days of polling. The figures for independents and Republicans are slightly higher than what Gallup has measured for Obama in recent weeks.

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